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How to Get a Job in Lagos in 5 Ways

How to Get a Job in Lagos in 5 Ways post thumbnail image

How to Get a Job in Lagos in 5 Ways

Getting a job in Lagos is one of the wishes of many Nigerians as Lagos is known as the center of excellence and the most civilized state all-time in the Nigerian history. Although the state may be small in geographical size, but it has one of the largest populations in Nigeria. The Lagos state government currently estimates the population of the state to be at about 17.5 million people. With a number as this high, there is no doubt that Lagos state is a land of opportunities but at the same time a land of struggles.

So below are 5 ways to get a job in Lagos state:

  1. Be Proactive

Don’t wait for your desired companies to put out a job vacancy before you apply for jobs. Make a list of the companies that you would like to work and visit their websites one after the other. While on their websites, always look out for the page where they post career details. Sometimes a page called careers is dedicated to recruitment information. The advantage of this is that: you may be drafted and invited for job interview at a time when there is no much competition. If you wait till the company put out a job vacancy, what is the probability of you being among the first to apply? And you would be battling with the Lagos battalion as at the time.

  1. Aim at Experience, Not Money

Aiming at experience instead of money is a long-term strategy but it will be worth it. Considering that you are in a metropolitan Lagos state where the supply of your skill set is more than the demand for it, you will have to accept some low salaries and use it to gain experience and prepare for dream job in the future. Experience just gives you an edge over others.

  1. Leverage on The Internet

The internet and technology have really made life easier. There are a lot of jobs being posted online now. So, this means that you can access jobs vacancies from the comfort of your home, as well as apply. It is not only very convenient, but also saves cost. You won’t need to burn a lot of resources on transport fare as you would be sending your CV via email. To fully leverage on the internet, you need to subscribe to the newsletter of some top online job portals or at least set a reminder to visit their website daily for latest job opportunities.

Some of these top job websites include: (exclusively for opportunities and jobs in Lagos state only)

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  1. Try Freelancing

Freelancing or a freelancer can be described as some who is self-employed and works for various companies. This is usually done by skilled workers. Imagine some one with a writing skill. You won’t need to necessarily be 100% engaged with one employer. You may work for as many as you can depending on your capacity. However, this form of arrangement is not the one where you expect a fixed monthly salary as you would be paid per each deliverable. So, if you like the idea of freelancing, then go get a skill and market yourself.

  1. Be in The Social Media

A lot is happening in the social media space. If you are not already in, then you must be missing a lot. If the companies where you would like to work are on the social media, why shouldn’t you? Join all the popular social media apps that you know. I’m talking about Facebook, the bird app-twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Specifically follow the companies you like to learn more about them and latest updates. Information is power when received at the right time.  There are also several other opportunities that you may encounter in the social space that are necessarily in form of a monthly pay salary job. Just watch out for opportunities and prepare to grab.

I hope that you have really gained a lot of insights from this article and you enjoyed reading it. If so, kindly share to your social media pages and friends so that they can be enlightened just as you. Thanks and good luck.

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