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Lagos is a state in Nigeria, also known as the centre of excellence, filled with vibrant energy and several opportunities. The quest for a job in Lagos can be an exciting feeling as the land presents a myriad of opportunities and also challenging as the competition can be overwhelming. A saying goes “everyone is in Lagos”. In this article, we shall discuss the strategies, and insightful guide to find jobs in Lagos.

Understanding the Lagos Jobs Market

Take a proper look at the Lagos Jobs market, the several industries which include healthcare, entertainment, technology, finance, manufacturing, etc. You will gain an understanding into the city’s economic landscape and then tailor your job search to the industries that presents more opportunities. Also research their specific requirements and ensure to meet them.

Online Job Portals

You can leverage on online job portals such as Lagos Jobs, jobbberman, Hot Nigerian Jobs and others specifically for the Nigerian market to search for latest available jobs and apply for your preferred ones. All you have to do is create profiles on these portals and submitted updated CV and set up alerts for specific jobs to be delivered to your email address where you can conveniently apply with a click.


Just like in other places of the world, you need the right connection to find jobs in Lagos. Being in the circle of the right people will boost your chances more than you can ever imagine. The good news is that: you can network your way by attending industry events, join membership of professional bodies, showcase your expertise on online platforms such as LinkedIn. As matter of fact, LinkedIn is mandatory if you are a job seeker.

Recruitment Agencies

Lagos is home to all types of recruitment agencies. These recruitment agencies connect job seekers to employers. While some are focused on particular industries, others are all encompassing, serving a wide range of industries. There are so many agencies in Lagos but you need to register with only reputable ones to expand your job search reach.

find jobs in lagos

Professional Online Presence

Do you know that most employers now look up candidate’s social media profile? During the job application, some employers asks for your LinkedIn profile link mandatorily. Employers are interested in knowing the real you. The aim of your CV is to stand you out and make the pick interest in you. They will like to go further to check your LinkedIn profile to verify your claims. Even without an application, people have gotten job offers directly in their LinkedIn inbox simply by sharing their interest and expertise on the platform.

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Research Target Companies

Identify companies whose culture and values aligns with yours. Do not wait until they advertise a job opening. Go to their website career page and send them your application, showcasing your interest to work for them. Let them know your skillset and how it can be of value to them. Repeat this step be sending application to as many companies that you would like to work in.

Stay Persistent

Do not be the type that easily give up. You could get a good news by the next two weeks, two months, etc. You are not actually in control of when. But one thing is sure: if you stay persistent, you will get a good news. Until then, do not ever give up. Keep improving. Even if it means taking more courses. You just need to stay persistent to find jobs in Lagos.


Lagos is an ecosystem of possibilities waiting to be explored. Embrace the journey, embark on your quest to find jobs in Lagos, the very centre of excellence. Here’s wishing you best of luck as you take into practise the strategies discussed in this article.

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