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Want a Job?

Lagos Jobs Plus also known as LJ Plus is our All-in-one fully loaded career package for our job seekers to enhance their job search and land their dream job within shortest time.

There are people who are not as qualified as you that are landing their dream job because they have identified and adopted a working approach that saves them from wasting their precious time on trials and errors.

Resume Optimization

Your Resume is like your Visa to getting shortlisted for interviews. It must represent you in the most professional way.

  • Templates and guidelines for crafting effective resumes and cover letters.
  • Tips on tailoring your CV to specific industries or job roles.
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Job Search Strategy

You’ll learn how to search for the right jobs and where to find them.

  • Resources on effective job search techniques, networking, and utilizing online platforms.
  • Guidance on creating a compelling LinkedIn profile and leveraging social media in the job search.

Interview Preparation

Interview invitation means you’re qualified but we need to confirm it. This is where we come in to coach you on how to pass every interview.

  • Mock interview guides and questions to help individuals prepare for interviews.
  • Strategies for answering common interview questions and handling challenging scenarios.

Career Planning and Goal Setting

You have to be deliberate about your career and know the particular direction to follow.

  • Worksheets and exercises to help individuals clarify their career goals and create action plans.
  • Tools for assessing long-term career aspirations and creating a roadmap for professional development.

Career Coaching Materials

You will have access to career coaching materials that are designed to provide you with the tools, information, and support needed to navigate your career successfully, make informed decisions, and achieve your professional aspirations.

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Get more interview invitations
Get a job quicker
Enhanced job search skills
Interview and communication skills
Clarity and self discovery
Personal development
Long-term career planning


We understands what recruiters are looking for in a CV. We’ll help you to review and upgrade your CV in order to maximise your chances of being hired.

Send in your CV through the Google form or to our email address. Your upgraded CV and other documents would be sent to your email address as both PDF and MS Word.

It’s been discovered that people that enroll in the Lagos Jobs Plus program usually have a higher chance of landing a job quicker by seventy percent (70%).

No. It is opened to all industries and professionals.

Click on the “Order Now” button below. And make payment through our convenient and secure gateway which allows bank cards, bank accounts, mobile money, USSD, a bank transfer, Paystack, and a QR code.

Increase Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job by 70%

It’s been discovered that our job seekers who enroll into the LJ Plus Program has a 70% higher chance of landing their dream job.

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What People are Saying About the LJ Plus

This is a very detailed and intensive program for anyone looking to get a job as soon as possible. Participate in all the exercises and land your next dream job..
Emmanuel Gbadamosi
Hephzibah Edutech
The materials are really valuable. It’s worthy of the cost and the time taken for doing the exercises. Thank you Lagos Jobs for this masterpiece.
Bello Abdul Hakeem
I personally have been on the job hunting streets in the past and there are many things I wish I knew earlier that would have made the journey a lot easier.
Ogechukwu Udekwu
Accounting Expert
One of my best decision was joining the Lagos Jobs Plus program. It was an eye opener and it aided me in landing my current job sooner than i thought.
Elvis Osoba
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Start Your Journey Today

Unlock your career potential with the Lagos Jobs Plus. Stay motivated as we guide you and ensure results on your journey towards professional excellence. Stand tall, be visible, and inspire success. It’s your time.

Are you ready to leap? Join the LJ Plus and set the stage for your success.

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