Lagos Jobs Careers 9 Tips on How to Write Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job

9 Tips on How to Write Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job

9 Tips on How to Write Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job post thumbnail image

Resumes serves as ways through which recruiters and employers learn more about candidates in order to decide their suitability for the job role. This is a why a great deal of effort needs to be put into crafting an effective resume. Here in this article, I shall be sharing tips on how to write your resume and land your dream job. First, you should ensure your resume is written on good font, the right headings and sub-headings are in place, summarize and highlight your accomplishments and skills.

Learning how to write your resume is one important skill i recommend for every working professionals.

how to write your resume

1. Use a professional font

There are basic and simple fonts such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial and Book Antiqua that you can use for your Resume. Keep to font size of 10 and 12 to improve readability. The right fonts will help to make your Resume look professional and clean.

2. Use Keywords

This will be more effective when writing a tailored Resume for a specific job posting. When a job vacancy is posted, read and study carefully the job roles and criteria. Then, write your Resume using some of the keywords in the job vacancy description. Remember, the goal of the Resume is to showcase how suitable you are for the job and get the recruiter to get you shortlisted for an interview.

3. Relevant Information Only

The goal here is to include only relevant information because unnecessary information could distract the employer or recruiter from the key one. For example; if you are applying for the position of a digital marketer, your Resume should contain your skillset and your work experience around digital marketing. Your over ten years of experience in another unrelated field is not necessary.  

4. Use active language

Introduce active languages to your Resume. This means using power words, such as “achieved,” “earned,” “completed” or “accomplished.” Make short and concise sentences instead of long sentences. Avoid long stories and just go straight to stating your achievement, job roles etc.

5. Highlight Important Achievements

Create a separate heading for Achievement and list your important achievements under it in a bullet point style. When stating your achievement, try as much as possible to back it up with figures and time frame. It sounds more convincing with figures backing your claim. For example: “I sold 10 million in a week” sounds more real and convincing than “I sold millions”.

6. Relevant Subheadings and Sections

Only stick with relevant subheadings and sections such as “objective”, “profile”, “skillset”, “work experience”, “education”, “certifications”, “hobbies”, etc. Unnecessary subheadings will not only distract your readers from the key information, but might also make your Resume too long. One to two page is most recommended. 

7. Proofread

After spending so much time to write that professional Resume, you should proofread to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Also share it with other people to help you proofread before certifying it good to go.

8. Multiple Versions

The most common versions are Microsoft word document and PDF. I will recommend that you create both versions. Some recruiters may state it categorically the version they prefer.

9. File Name

Learning how to write your resume is not complete if you do not know how to save your resume appropriately. Let the file name be your full name. For example, if your name is John Doe and your Resume is for digital marketing jobs, save the file name to be “John Doe Digital Marketing”. A recruiter may be working on several applications and several job vacancies, that type of file name will enable your Resume to stand out.

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Conclusion: Congratulations! You have made it to end of this article on how to write your resume. Hope you enjoy your read? And hope you have learnt how to write a professional Resume? If you insist on making use of our professional Resume writing service, click here to learn more.

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