Lagos Jobs Careers How to Identify Fake Jobs in Nigeria

How to Identify Fake Jobs in Nigeria

How to Identify Fake Jobs in Nigeria

Fake jobs comes in several ways. But one thing they have in common is deceit and disappointment. Have you ever been a victim of fake job? Please share your experience in the comment session. Let’s save others from suffering the same ugly fate.

Still on how to identify fake jobs in Nigeria, the truth remains that fake jobs do not manufacture themselves. They are usually orchestrated by men and women with intentions to deceive. Another question would be: why would anyone want to deceive or lure others with fake jobs? The reason is mostly financial. The aim is to make their target victims believe they are real and draft a channel they can use to extort them financially with a hope of offering them employment.

Some other perpetrators of fake jobs solely want to cause destruction in innocent people’s lives or lure them to a location where they can be ambushed for other evil purposes. No amount of reasons can justify the act of using fake job to lure and deceive job seekers.

In averting fake jobs in Nigeria, one has to watch out for fake recruiters or scam recruiters. Below are some of the quickest ways to identify them:

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  1. Misleading Opening

This is very deliberate and the intention is to deceive you into believing the job is real. They would invite you for interview but when you get there, you will see a lot of crowd as though you guys came for a seminar. Soon or later you will then find out it is a multi-level marketing seminar.

  1. Request to Pay for a Job Slot

This mostly happen when some very big firms or government parastatals are recruiting. Usually an open invitation would be extended to the public to apply. Some of these scam or fake recruiters will pretend to be representatives of the recruiting firm or governmental parastatals and begin to request for payment upfront for job slots.

  1. No credible Online Presence

Usually fake always like to hide in the dark. One way to identify fake recruiters is the absence of credible online presence. The company would not have a website and or even official social media pages. You will notice that interview message is not carrying a website address or a custom webmail address. They will rather put a telephone of the chief scammer for you to call for further details. And most times when you call, your questions won’t be answered or the chief scammer will rather insist that you come for the interview to learn more.

In this digital age, there’s no way an organization will not have an official online presence. Even if there is no website, there would be social media pages with enough information about them and their company products and offers.

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  1. Venue of the Interview

The venue of the interview is a very good pointer to know if the job is fake or not. If you ever get to an interview venue and it turns out to be a seminar hall, that could just be a fake job with the intent to convert you for something else.

Most start-ups do not have an office other than the CEO bedroom. But such job interviews are organized while specifying it is a remote job from the very beginning. Most times they will offer to conduct the interview online/virtual or simply use a physical work space/hub or fast food restaurant where other people are. Another difference is that: you are given an opportunity to learn more about the firm and ask questions ahead of your interview day.

  1. Interview Invitation Without Application

The moment you are invited for an interview or job assessment exercise that you did not remember applying for, it becomes very necessary that you carry out a research into the company. Go to their website and learn all you can about them. Go to the website contact page and get their phone number and call to confirm the vacancy in their organization. If it is a genuine recruitment firm, they call you before profiling or filling you in for an interview.

  1. No Specific Job Title

Fake jobs mostly don’t carry job titles in their interview invitation. It is deliberately left vague. Most times when you contact the phone number given, you are asked to come for the interview first. The reason why there is no job title specified in the interview invitation is because they are sending that same interview script to as many people as possible and they want to save themselves from the possibility of stating a job title that you may not be interested in so as to have as much attendance as possible.


Hope you have been enlightened now? This article shouldn’t be a one-time read. Bookmark it in your browser or save it somewhere you can always go back to it whenever you have a job interview to be used as guide.

Do the following:

  • Do a thorough background check of the company
  • Don’t pay upfront for any job
  • Be very vigilant when attending interviews
  • Let someone you trust know your location
  • Dress in comfortable attires for easy self-defense

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