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Top 6 Benefits of a Career Planning

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If you want to succeed and advance in your career, you must be involved in career planning. The advancement you are looking for, is not just going to happen by chance. You will need to set it in motion. Below are six advantages of having a career plan:

career planning
  1. Information
    The practice of career planning helps you to become more informed about the particular career paths that will suit you the most. You will learn about the key requirements of your chosen career and how to achieve them in order to have a great head-start in a fiercely competitive world.
  2. Self Awareness
    In the process of career planning, you will become more self aware of your strengths and weaknesses which will help you to realise the opportunities around you as well as the threats. In the end, you will be able to make firm decisions that you are equally stand by over the years.
    Having the opportunity of building from the scratch has helped me to be aware of the things i can do and the areas i struggle. I know exactly what needs to be subcontracted out and ones we can handle in-house.
  3. Personal growth
    To be able to make a career plan and follow it through, requires a lot of sacrifices such as being disciplined, focused, willpower, physical strength, and training. These are qualities that will enhance your personal growth throughout your life time.
  4. Career satisfaction
    A lot of workers are not happy today because they did not take the time to have a career plan. They are currently stuck in careers where they have no interest and it impacts the quality of their work negatively, as well their physical and mental well being. Having a career you’re passionate about will improve your mood, keep you motivated, give your life meaning, and keep you devoted to your job.
  5. Growth and Promotions
    When you are in the right career where you have job satisfaction, your performance is excellent and you are easily recognised by the supervisor and top management which leads to more growth and promotions. Even among your coworkers, you are able to leave positive impressions with them.
  6. Retirement Plan
    Retirement is the last here on the list but its extremely important. A good career plan include planning for what age to retire, how much to save up before retirement, what to do after retirement, etc. Life is beyond just working throughout your active days.

Your retirement plan will go a long way in determining your current lifestyle, where to work or seek opportunities, skills to acquire etc.

career planning

The truth is: there is no easiy career plan. You are just better off having one and keeping to it. You will meet some bumps along the way, but a carrer plan will help you to stay more focused because it will keep serving as a compass.

So go ahead and have a career planning that you can follow through. Wishing you success all the way.

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