Lagos Jobs Careers Getting Clients as a Freelancer (Mini Guide)

Getting Clients as a Freelancer (Mini Guide)

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After acquiring a skill, whether paid or free, the next step is monetizing the skill, but the sad truth is that most freelancers jump to learning and paying for an entirely new skill not because they are not good with their previous skill but because they don’t know what to do with it.

Tips for getting clients as a freelancer

A) Have a ready portfolio to showcase your skills : your portfolio should be a well-tailored and accessible package of your best work.

What you can include in your portfolio:

1. A written and visual overview of projects you’ve been involved in (they should be your best projects)

2. Your personal information

3. Testimonies

4. Your resume

5. Your skills and what you offer

6. Links to your social media pages and contact information

B) Do your research: look for individuals or firms that would need your services and reach out to them. It doesn’t always have to be the other way around. Making cold calls and sending emails explaining how you can use your skills to help potential clients shows you’ve done your homework and how ready you are to get the job done.

How to reach out to clients as a freelancer:

1. Tell them who you are and what you do

2. Highlight your accomplishments and testimonies from previous clients

3. Keep it short

4. Suggest a follow up meeting

5. Don’t give up

C) Network: networking is interacting and building relationships with people to develop professional or social contacts.

Ways to network as a freelancer:

1. Connecting with other freelancers in your field

2. Utilize social media platforms

3. Join communities and social gatherings

4. Attend local events and trade shows

D) Ask for referrals: If you have ever worked for anyone, you can ask them to recommend you to others. You can also ask people that you already know to recommend you to anyone who needs your services.

Word-of-mouth recommendation is gold because clients value people they know, like, and trust.

E) Sign up on freelancing platforms: potential clients use these platforms to find the freelance talent that they need. Some of these platforms are free, while you have to pay for others. Be sure to understand how it works before you signup

Examples of freelance platforms:

1 Fiver

2 Upwork

3 Freelancer

4 Flexjobs

5 Solidgigs

6 Peopleperhour

7 LinkedIn (yes… LinkedIn is a freelance platform)

To make the best use of these platforms, you should know how to optimize them properly so your profile can stand out.

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