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Top 10 Colleges in Canada For International Students

Top 10 Colleges in Canada For International Students

Both in North America and internationally, Canada is one of the most known centres for education and business. Modern educational facilities, thriving institutions, and strong research institutes can be found in the second-largest nation. Canada is one of the most popular countries for students looking to pursue an overseas education because its top schools and universities provide a wide selection of certifications, diplomas, and full-time degree programs that are both globally recognized and distinctive. In this article, I’ve compiled a thorough list of Canada’s top 10 colleges for international students.


Popular Intakes 

Universities in Canada provide three well-liked entry points or intakes for admission. They are Summer, Winter, and Fall. The most popular intake in the country is the fall, followed by winter and summer. Summer has the lowest intake due to the number of few courses offered.

Intakes Applications Begin Starting Month
Fall June September
Winter November January
Summer February April- May

Why Pick Canadian Colleges?

Nowadays, many people choose to study abroad and most likely choose Canada. It has been reported that more foreign students have recently enrolled in Colleges in Canada. There are many causes for this sharp rise, including the opportunity to work in a bilingual setting, which encourages you to pick up new languages and benefits your career. Another factor that has made Colleges in Canada most desirable is the fact that they provide top notch education, well established and globally recognized. Work experience right after graduation is also a benefit people look forward to enjoying. Unlike some other countries, Canada allows you to extend your stay and gain work experience which is a very good career boost. There are lots of well established businesses in Canada, such as Video game, aeronautical engineering, digital media, telecommunications etc. You have all these to gain plus Canada’s natural splendour. So why settle for less if you can earn your degree from one of the top 10 colleges in Canada for international students.

Here below is the list of the top 10 colleges in Canada for international student.

University  QS Global Rankings 2023
University of Toronto 34
McGill University 31
University of British Columbia 47
University of Montreal 118
University of Alberta 110
McMaster University 152
University of Waterloo 154
Western University 32
University of Calgary 242
Dalhousie University 308

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