Lagos Jobs Scholarships How to get Scholarships For International Students (Mini Guide)

How to get Scholarships For International Students (Mini Guide)

It may seem nearly hard to find scholarships for international students, yet there are some. Prospective undergraduate students should be aware of what could help them get a coveted scholarship award as they look into their alternatives for studying in the United States.

The following information relates to international student scholarships.

Enhancing Your Chances for Scholarships

International students who possess strong leadership qualities may be more competitive candidates for scholarships, according to experts.

Your ability to lead is demonstrated by roles such as head boy or captain of your school, editor of the student newspaper, or even founder of your own entrepreneurship club.

Making mistakes can hurt you

International students should avoid making blunders like not writing their own essays and waiting until the last minute to apply for scholarships, according to experts.

Students should resist the urge to copy entire paragraphs or even entire essays from the web or previously turned in assignments, advises Gupta.

Especially when discussing their accomplishments and extracurricular activities, he suggests that overseas students be honest in their writing. He also points out that scholarship committees “can very readily discern if an essay genuinely portrays a student’s potential.”

Scholarship competition is fierce. Give yourself enough time to create a great application that effectively conveys your career aims, academic objectives, and reasons for selecting a certain university.

Lynn A. Mosesso, director of graduate and international recruitment and admissions at the University of Arkansas, advises students to request letters of recommendation early on.

Schools Can Be a Gold Mine for Scholarships For International Students

The financial aid administration at a school should be contacted, and international students could use websites like to search for scholarships offered by American colleges and universities.

In addition to carefully reading the requirements, such as test scores, essays, and other resources like videos or letters of recommendation, applicants should search for scholarships available to all students rather than just U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

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Regardless of financial need, Clark University’s Presidential LEEP Scholarship provides four years of full tuition, on-campus housing, and meals.

Do your research, advises LEEP recipient Maha Akbar. “Not all scholarships are featured on Common Application as many require a separate application.” The Pakistani national is a political science major at Clark University who is concentrating in international relations.

According to Mosesso, the University of Arkansas provides undergraduate international students with five different scholarships, such as the New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Reward Scholarship, which offers an annual award of between $11,525 and $14,825 based on 30 hours of attendance. The institution also provides a number of departmental and collegiate scholarships.

“Don’t worry if you don’t qualify academically for a new freshman scholarship.

We provide financial aid to enrolled students who have demonstrated academic excellence or have financial need. Money may be between $150 and $5,000,” Mosesso opined.

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