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15 Best Job Sites in Nigeria

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This is a comprehensive list of job sites in Nigeria to help you in your job search.

In this article about job sites in Nigeria, I have tried to be concise so that you do not get bored reading for too long. So, without wasting any further time, take your sit and get on this article right away. Don’t stop reading until you get to the last word. Meanwhile I am waiting to receive my “thank you” from you because I know you would be super excited at the discovery you shall make by consuming this information.

They said there are no jobs and so a lot of people are unemployed in the country. But what if you have a better strategy? What if you know just the best job sites in Nigeria to search for your suitable jobs and apply for as many as you can?

So, all for your sake because we want you to advance in your career, we decided to compile a list of best 15 job sites in Nigeria. Jobs posted on these websites are authentic and directly from the recruiting agencies or the recruiting companies. Online job posting is now the trending culture as most companies no longer post vacancies on newspapers. Please find below the list:

  1. Jobberman
  2. HotNigerianJobs
  3. NgCareers
  4. JobsToday
  5. MyJobMag
  6. Nairaland
  7. JobListNigeria
  8. HotJobsNg
  9. JobGurus
  10. NigeriaJobs
  11. NaijaHotJobs
  12. Jobzilla
  13. CareerJET
  14. CareerNaija

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Best Job Sites in Nigeria

  1. Jobberman

The name Jobberman is a household name in the online job sites in Nigeria. Many Nigerians can attest to the fact that Jobberman has jobs in every sector. This site was founded in August 2009 by Olalekan Olude,  Opeyemi Awoyemiin  and Ayodeji Adewunmi, then students of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) for the purpose of connecting job seekers with hiring companies.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. HotNigerianJobs

This is one of the best job sites in Nigeria. They always post vacancies from companies with very high reputation. Once you signup for their newsletter, they will keep you notified of available new job openings each time. Guess what? HotNigerianJobs publishes job vacancies daily.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. NgCareers

NGcareer is a job board. The NG in the name stands for Nigeria. This means that if you are searching for jobs in Nigeria and you head to NGnigeria, you can never be disappointed. This is a privately held recruitment and career website, founded in 2009 with headquarter in Lagos State.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. JobsToday

Jobs Today is a very profession job site. They are doing a great work when it comes to feeding Nigerians with authentic jobs from legitimate employers. You are not mandated to sign up with their newsletter and their service is free.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. MyJobMag

My Job Mag has a very simple and easy to navigate interface. On this site, you can search for jobs based on region, categories, industry etc. I love them for their simplicity and how they normally have jobs for every person of varying degree.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. Nairaland

I am sure you are wondering if it is the same Nairaland that you know. Yes, it is. I am referring to the This is a job site in Nigeria by all standard since it connects job seekers with hiring companies as well. If you did not know this, you can as well go straight to register with them in order to participate.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. JobListNigeria

Job List Nigeria is a blessing in the job sites industry in Nigeria. They are very focus on providing you with latest job vacancies in Nigeria. They also went further in posting openings of scholarships, trainings and the banking industry.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. HotJobsNg

Hot Jobs Ng let you know the most recent job opportunities and the companies that is offering. This allows the job seeker to make a very suitable decision in regards to which job to apply for. Since launch, this site has been serving Nigerians with good jobs from all locations.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. JobGurus

Job Guru posts a lot of job openings on daily basis. Companies can create an employer’s account which enable them to post jobs. Nigerians that are searching for jobs can find their preferred jobs here as they can search base on sector, location etc.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. NigeriaJobs

Nigeria Jobs is really for Nigerians. They have authentic jobs from almost all part of the country as they aim at having you covered for the entire Nigeria. Their job sector covers banking, oil & gas, finance, engineering, teaching and education, catering jobs in Nigeria.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. NaijaHotJobs

Naija Hot Jobs as the name implies truly feeds Nigerians with hot jobs on their site. You have the option of subscribing to their email newslettet or their sms notification. Don’t waste time; just go straight and get the job you want there.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. Jobzilla

Jobzilla is one job site that is all about Nigeria. They are so much dedicated to their Nigerian audience. On daily basis, they post high quality jobs on their website. This amazing site is free and it is not compulsory for job seekers to register before applying for jobs as most of the application email is display on the job post.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. CareerJET

Career Jet is a wonderful job site. This site serves the world. But here is the good news: there is now which focuses on Nigeria. So, go and check it out and confirm what you just read here.

job sites in Nigeria

  1. CareerNaija

Career Naija is here for you if you are a job seeker in Nigeria. All you must do is: search their database for the jobs you want. This site is completely free. Why waste further time? Check them out right away.

job sites in Nigeria


Indeed is a household name unless you are a fresh graduate or haven’t gone online to apply for a job before. But sooner, you will know them. In fact, you have just known them. This list or any job list is not complete if is not mentioned. You will find every type of job on their site. But you need to subscribe for their newsletter.

job sites in Nigeria

So, we have come to the end of the list. Oops sorry.  I am in a good mood and I feel like being a little bit nicer by giving you a bonus.


  1. LagosJOBS

Lagos Jobs is the first job site exclusively for jobs in Lagos State. As long as Lagos State is concerned, they have got you covered. They offer other premium services such as career development, cv writing services and trainings to enhance your career. It is absolutely free for both employers to post their job vacancies and for the job seekers to apply. They also have a blog section that provides you with industry latest news which is where you are reading this article now.

Gone are the days where you must know or have someone in Lagos state before you can get a job in the state. Now, just stay glued to for latest jobs and apply as you wish. Good jobs!

job sites in Nigeria

Hope you enjoyed our compilation of job sites in Nigeria very well? If you did, please share in the comment section. If you have any reservation, please share too.

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