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About Us

At Lagos Jobs, we are the catalysts of career success. Our platform is a dynamic hub that connects job seekers with rewarding opportunities across diverse industries in Lagos.

With a passion for empowerment and growth, we strive to bridge the gap between talent and employers, fostering a thriving job ecosystem. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement fuels our mission to shape the future of work in Lagos. Join us on this transformative journey as we empower individuals, drive economic progress, and create a brighter professional landscape for all. Your success starts here at Lagos Jobs.

Our Journey
The structure for a full recruitment agency kick-started and began recruitments.
Users base grew into hundreds of thousands and began to call for a full recruitment services
Users base grew into thousands, visiting daily to apply for their favourite jobs vacancies.
Launch of the first online job portal exclusively for opportunities and jobs Lagos state.
Founded in 2018. Website and setup of platform commenced.
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We Remain Your No. 1 Recruitment Partner

Experience seamless growth with Lagos Jobs outsourcing and recruitment services. From talent acquisition to optimized workflows, we empower your business for unparalleled success and expansion.

Maximize your reach and attract top talent with Lagos Jobs job listing ads. Our targeted approach ensures your vacancies are seen by the right candidates, fueling your company’s growth.

Meet The Team

Take a glimpse of some of the faces behind your Lagos Jobs, along with their social media handles for you to connect with them on your favourite platform.

E. Jay Ipheghe


Tochukwu Chibeze

HR & Recruitment lead