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7 Ways to Know the Job Interview is Fraud

7 Ways to Know the Job Interview is Fraud post thumbnail image

Job interview fraud rate is increasing on daily basis as the rate of unemployment keeps going up. And people are falling victims because of desperation. Just as the world is upgrading, these fraudsters are also upgrading their criminal skills.

I would say these gangs have evolved over time with new tactics in order to fool the general public both suspecting and unsuspecting victims.

This article will show you seven (7) very important ways to be able to detect these fraudsters whenever you come in contact with them.

  1. Receiving An Invitation Without An Application

Have you ever received a job interview invitation when you know you didn’t apply? If your answer is no, my dear just run for your dear life or do very deep research before attending.

These people can get your contacts from social media, online forms, or other ways. They will usually send invites to as much as thousands of people, so at least hundreds will attend the fake interview.

  1. Receiving Invitation Through SMS

Receiving a job interview through an SMS is not only unprofessional, but also a very cheap method of sending the fake invitation to as much people as possible.

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A real company must have gone through your C.V or claims before inviting you for an interview. And it is believed your email address is written on your C.V.

  1. When Job Interview Turn A Seminar

Have you ever gone for a job interview only to find yourself in a seminar?  Suddenly, someone is trying to motivate you, as though you weren’t the one who brought yourself there by yourself.

The fact is: You wanted or needed a job and you are there to either get the job or move on; not to be motivated. After employment, a legitimate and professional company have a way of motivating their staffs if the need be.

My dear, just run for your dear life especially when the interview turned-seminar begin to talk about having a good attitude. In a real interview, your interviewers have no time to teach right/good attitude. If you don’t impress them, they will simply not get back to you period!

  1. You Are Asked To Make Payment Before Employment

I once went for an interview, and was given an examination to write. And then, I was asked to pay an amount for processing of my documents.

A real company does not need a token from you. They only need you to honour their interview invitation. In some other cases, you may be asked to pay for a supposed subsidized product or training. A real company needs nothing from you till after employment.

  1. Discussion Among Candidates Is Strictly Prohibited

They know some people among the candidates has witnessed a similar fraud as theirs. So they don’t want a case of a bad egg discouraging others.

This is because, if you go away at that early stage when they have not gotten anything from you, they lose. They also know that if candidates are allowed to freely associate, the smart ones would easily figure out they are fraudsters and discourage others. Humans thinks and analyze better when together, hence the disassociation.

  1. The Company Name is Not Indicated

If your interview invitation was through an SMS and you see an unregistered company name, my dear just Google the name. When you see a forged name, your intuition will tell you. Most of the time, it is an abbreviation.

  1. When The Job Interview Invitation Has A short Notice

A real company shortest notice is three working days. Your interview is on Wednesday or Thursday, your invitation comes Monday morning, not Monday night. Sometimes, this is followed by a confirmation call a day before the interview day.

A real company makes tangible budget for recruitment, so sending you an email and following it with a call is not too expensive for them to afford. Their objective is to get the right person(s).

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