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5 Things You Should Never Wear to Job Interview

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We’ve already told you about what you should wear to an interview, but what about the things you should never wear? Even though workplace attire has become more casual in recent years, you should still think carefully about what kind of impression you want to make.

Avoid the pre-interview outfit stresses by planning in advance with these tips.

There are certain outfits that just won’t fly with employers, here’s what to avoid:

Casual Shoes

Everyone notices the shoes, so this shouldn’t be overlooked when you plan your job interview outfit. Never wear trainers, flip flops, or dirty worn shoes to a job interview. Even if you’re interviewing at a laid-back company, you should still wear a pair of shoes that reflect your professionalism. Smart Chelsea boots, ballerina flats, brogues or closed toe heels are always a safe option for an impressive outfit.

Excessive Accessories

Jingly jewellery and rings on every finger should never be worn to a job interview. Also, unless your head wear is for religious reasons, you should leave the hat. Besides, hat hair is not a good look.

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  1. Sportswear

Sportswear is far too casual to wear to an interview, even if you’re interviewing to be a PE teacher. Would you really look at someone dressed for the gym and think that they’re heading to a job interview?

Leave the tracksuit bottoms at home to have well-deserved TV marathon in after you’ve aced the interview.

  1. Loud Clothing

Put that Hawaiian shirt back, loud patterns, bright colours or slogans are way too distracting for an interview. Instead, stick to neutral colours such as whites, blacks, nudes, and blues. Aim to dazzle the interviewers with your expertise, not your jazzy outfit.

Visible Underwear

We’ve all had that nightmare before a big event when you’re standing in your underwear and everyone’s laughing. Don’t risk it with see-through clothing, visible bra straps, or too-low trousers. You should also double-check that your flies aren’t undone, and that your skirt isn’t too short that you could risk flashing.

Your interviewers probably won’t laugh at you, but it won’t leave the lasting impression that you were hoping for.

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