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Employment in Lagos for Foreign Expatriates

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Employment in Lagos

Employment in Lagos may not be hard to get as most people think? Do you really want to work and live in Lagos? If your response is in the affirmative but you current live outside the state and don’t know how to begin, this article is for you. Find out how to get started with the process of actualizing your dream.

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Looking for Employment in Lagos

There has been increase in opportunities for professional expatriates looking to move to Lagos. This is due to the growth of the international economy in Lagos. More expatriate communities are springing up in the city.

While jobs for teaching English may not be plentiful since the official language in the city is already English, there are a lot of opportunities in the tourism industry. To find these jobs, check online or at popular expatriate hangouts if you are already in the state.

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Getting Work Permits for Lagos

Still on employment in Lagos, the application for the work permit for Lagos state is in three step processes with the involvement of your employer.

You will need Expatriate Quota Approval; The Nigerian company that you work for applies for it.

An STR or a “subject to regularization”; you will need to apply for it at the Nigerian embassy in your home country. Before applying, please get ready a copy of your employment letter, your acceptance letter and also your resume.

CERPAC which is a Combined expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card: Apply for this and also receive a multiple entry visa.

Being employed in Lagos isn’t stressful after all. So pack your bags and start coming. Come and experience the culture and lifestyle of the good people of Lagos. Also click here to learn about the top 5 restaurants in Ikeja, Lagos.

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