Lagos Jobs Careers How to Avoid Job Scams in Lagos: 6 Ways

How to Avoid Job Scams in Lagos: 6 Ways

How to Avoid Job Scams in Lagos: 6 Ways post thumbnail image

Hello dear job seekers! I know lots of you would like to work and live in Lagos. But here we will be discussing how to avoid job scams in Lagos. It is quite unfortunate that while some people are genuine employers of labour, others just want to pose as employers for the sole purpose of scamming unsuspecting job seekers. But hopefully, no more cause for alarm as we shall be treating the various ways to spot and avoid job scams in busy cities like Lagos.

Who are Job Scammers?

Without using a standard dictionary definition, I hope that we won’t be far from the truth if we say job scammers are people that poses to be authentic employers and offer job vacancies that are fake for criminal purposes. So here below are most of the ways to identify them once you come in contact.

1. When a Job Offer is too Good to be True

Imagine getting a job offer that is offering a 6-figure salary with no experience required and the job roles are not even tasking enough? Most of the time, when it is too good to be true, it probably is. Every industry and job level has a range of salary. Find out to know when you’re being priced below or falling into a scam probably.

2. When the Job Source is Unverified

As job seeker, you may have probably receive some of those interview invitation or job offer emails from an unverified source. The email address will be generic and screaming spam, the company name is in abbreviation, no website address or if there is, but almost an empty one without enough contents to describe or tell what the company is about, etc. Legitimate companies don’t hide. Their email address, website address, physical address and logo are freely put in their emails.

How to Avoid Job Scams in Lagos

3. When the Supposed Employer is Asking for Payment

Desperate job seekers have fallen for these type of scammers. It is a golden rule in job hunting that you should never pay for a job up-front no matter how they disguise the reason for the charge. Some job scammers will tag it application fee, training cost, processing charge etc. Just don’t fall for it. After you have gotten the job, if it is through a recruitment agency, the employer will most likely take care of the recruitment fee or the agency will inform you ahead of interview that you are responsible for the payment which can only be gotten through deduction from your salary which means you must have gotten the job even before making payment.

4. When You Get a Job Offer You Did Not apply For

These job scammers are also hustlers and working with data. They must have gotten details of your genuine applications for other jobs and decide to send you an offer immediately. Most times when you receive the job offer or interview invite, you might not suspect because you have actually applied for a lot of jobs.

5. Trust Your Instincts

How to avoid job scams in Lagos include trusting your instincts. Your gut feelings really do matter. If you do not feel comfortable or feel that something is off about the interview or job offer, then it probably is. You would need to carry out a more thorough investigation and research before even considering going for such interview.

6. Check for Reviews

Simply copy your interview invitation or job offer text and paste it online. You can paste it on Google, NairaLand and other online forums that you belong. You will be amazed at what you might discover. You will get to read the comments or ordeal of job seekers who have received similar invitation or job offer in the past. If it is a scam, you are probably not their first deal. Be rest assured that you will find lots of comments and reviews online.

Bonus: so here above are six ways on how to avoid job scams in Lagos. Find below a bonus point.

7. Talk to Someone

One very effective way to avoid job scams is by talking to people around you or friends. Tell that your friend, neighbour or relation about the job offer you received and how you are sceptical that is a job scam. Two heads are better than one. That person may have a very useful information to share with you that will enable you make an informed decision.

So guys…

While the job market in Lagos is full of opportunities, it is also full of scammers. This is not scare you, but to educate you on how to thread more confidently and safely in the Lagos jobs market. Do not be desperate. Believe in your worth, believe in your time as you keep honing your skills and getting better, make sure your CV truly reflects your suitability and keep applying for jobs and building your connections.

So dear job seeker, go out there and secure your dream job. Wishing you success!

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