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10 Determinants of Job Satisfaction

Determinants of job satisfaction can be subjective. However there are obvious determinants that everyone can relate with. Some of which are:

1. Communication
If you are on a job where employees are allowed to be opened, collaborate and be confrontational when needed, it can serve as a source of satisfaction on the job. May people look forward to a work environment where the communication line is free for everyone to express themselves.

2. Culture
A company culture goes a long way in reviewing their values as an organization. A company that adheres to their value system would have a healthy culture which can lead to job satisfaction for the employees.

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3. Security
Securing may arise from knowing you work in a company that values you and your work. This can give you feelings of belonging to the company. When you know your company has long term goals and you have a vital role to play in achieving the goals, it can give you a form of job satisfaction.

4. Leadership
An organization with proper leadership instills confidence in the employees. Communication is effective and instructions are well carried out. This in turn can lead to job satisfaction. In such organization, there is increased motivation.

5. Opportunities
A job with more challenging opportunities promises to be more interesting. For some employee, it can lead to job satisfaction. A job with several opportunities can be a motivation booster.

6. Career development
Career development is key for a lot of employees. Who doesn’t want to grow? Nobody wants to remain on the same level forever. There are jobs, due to their nature or working condition, there is no guaranty of development for the employee. After a while, the employee will feel stagnant and begin to feel unsatisfied.

7. Working Conditions
A remote working condition for an employee who is an introvert or has a phobia for traffic jam can lead to job satisfaction. A favourable working condition definitely has a significant role to play in whether the employee will feel satisfied or not.

8. Personality of Employee
For some particular type of personality, there is a corresponding job type for them. Imagine someone with passion for traveling, meeting people and seeing places. A job as a travel agent would sound very fulfilling for such individual.

9. Compensation Plan
Different people with varying perception of what adequate pay and benefits should be. While payments and benefits are not the only reason or determinant of an employee satisfaction, but it comes top on most people’s list.

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10. Rewards and Recognition
Beyond monetary compensation, reward and recognition for job well done can lead to job satisfaction. Being appreciated can keep people satisfied on the job even when the monetary pay is not very high.

Job satisfaction, employee satisfaction or work satisfaction is a measure of workers’ contentedness with their job, whether they like the job or individual aspects or facets of jobs, such as nature of work or supervision. Hope you enjoy your read? Please share your personal experiences.

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